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Fall 2013


This piece of literary journalism looks at how women of color experience the hookup culture at Colgate University, a predominantly white upper-class institution. It examines “Sexual Racism,” or the phenomenon where white male students on campus tend not to find black female students sexually attractive. Through extensive interviews and scholarly research, the piece then explores the socioeconomic and cultural forces that fuel this racism, and how some women of color feel about and cope with the marginalization. It also looks at Colgate’s Greek life and how the institution can sometimes contribute to and perpetuate “Sexual Racism.” Further, it explores the differences between how black women and men experience the hookup culture and what those experiences reveal about both Colgate’s larger campus culture and society as a whole. Finally, this piece examines the geography of Colgate, specifically the different spaces that black and white students tend to occupy, and opens up a dialogue on self-segregation.



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