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Fall 2013


Across the United States white-tailed deer populations affect economics in a number of ways. The following paper will focus and expound on a handful of ways that deer populations have an effect on economics: 1. Disease 2. Agriculture & home gardens 3. Hunting 4. Deer-vehicle collisions (DVCs) 5. Intangible costs/benefits 6. Timber productivity (Cote 2004). This research project will assess the economic stakeholders as they relate to the white-tailed deer population in Hamilton, New York. The research considers biologic data, which assesses the state (whether the population of deer is overabundant, stable, or too low) of the white-tailed deer population. Our deer population data comes from a roadside survey covering a total of 9.27mi2, from the Hamilton aggregate of 41.31mi2 (22.38%); the roadside survey was conducted for a total of twenty-one observation hours (Baez A et al 2013). Overabundance (or overpopulation) is attributed to a certain wildlife species when it (a) affects human life or well-being, (b) affects the fitness of the overabundant species in question, (c) reduces the density of species with an economic or aesthetic value, or (d) causes dysfunctions in the ecosystem (Gortázar et al 2006). Our biology team’s data has proven that the deer population is over the sustainable threshold—this conclusion was drawn based on extensive literature research and interviews with experts (Baez A et al 2013). Additionally, our economic results focus on collected data directly from the citizens of the town of Hamilton; we conducted both a telephone and phone survey (Jensen et al 2013). Our goal is to establish the costs and benefits of white-tailed deer to Hamilton and the surrounding area. Stakeholders include both residents and non-residents because the economy of Hamilton is intricately connected to the broader New York State, as well as the even broader United States economy. We use research from literature, our colleagues, as well as interviews with experts to determine how the economic stakeholders are affected.



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