Class Year


Document Type


Honors Designation

High Honors


Women's Studies

Primary Advisor

Berlisha Morton

Second Advisor (if necessary)

Kimberly Creasap


In this thesis, I will examine student activists and higher education policy in which my goal is to show that students need to be involved in the development of university policy that directly affects them. Students are often dismissed by institutions of higher education based solely on their age or relative lack of life experience when compared to administrators. The experiences of students are not counted as valid or as constituting “real knowledge.” Students have every right to be a part of the decision-making processes at their universities when it comes to policies and procedures that directly affect them. Faculty and administrators are also an important part of this process as they have the power to bring students into policy discussions. Cooperation between faculty, administration, staff, and students would create a truly collegial institution. Students are vital parts of these conversations because students are experts of their own experiences.