Class Year


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Honors Designation

High Honors


Women's Studies

Primary Advisor

Berlisha Morton

Second Advisor (if necessary)

Suzanne B. Spring


How are you? How are you feeling? Are you anxious? Excited? Who are you? I want to be vulnerable with you. If this is your first time reading a mix medium, please do not put it down. Do not stop reading. Reread. Reread. Do not silence the body. Do not erase the body. Notice and take notice. Take a pen and a paper. Draw a body and map the pulses you feel. Where are you tense? Where is it itching? What are you feeling? Map it. Do this process throughout. You are not an audience. I am talking to you. About you. About me. About us.

I have couple of questions. When did you learn you were a gendered body? When did you learn you were a raced body? When did you learn you were classed? When did silence first make a nest in your mouth? When did you start to grind your teeth, practicing your shouts from the hollow of your belly? When did you notice you had a body? When did you notice your heartbeat is your life source? When did you learn it is also mine? Did you imagine me? Is that when you noticed the vibrations? The pulsing in your veins? Is that when you knew you were connected to me?

Who are you? Can I trust you? I want to be vulnerable with you. Will you allow me to tell you a story? Take the story with care because this is a process. Throughout this process, take notice. Take notice. And with each pause, put a dot to mark what is pulsing. Vibrating within. I want to be vulnerable with you. It will be difficult. It will be for you. It will be for me. Can I trust you?