Class Year


Document Type


Honors Designation



Women's Studies

Primary Advisor

Cristina Serna

Second Advisor (if necessary)

Anna Ríos-Rojas


This thesis explores art by women of color as a methodology to create community, to articulate a political voice, and to reclaim one’s own narrative through communal forms of healing. To do the work of re-membering one’s self means acknowledging that the breaking was not done companionless, rather, it was done to collectives of people, to communities. Thus the building and healing must also be done as a collective, as a community. I analyze two murals made by women’s collectives: Latinoamerica by the Latina collective Las Mujeres Muralistas and MaestraPeace made in collaboration by a group of seven women artists. I argue that their mural works are collaborative healing pieces that were created from and allow others to navigate through Gloria E. Anzaldúa’s, Chela Sandoval’s, and Emma Pérez’s theories and concepts of mestiza consciousness, nepantla, third space, and the decolonial imaginary.