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GEOG 107

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Is the planet doomed?

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Fall 2018

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Daisaku Yamamoto, Geography

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Is the Planet Doomed? Rather than providing a definitive answer to this question, we will explore why the question itself has gained such relevance and traction in the contemporary moment. Why has catastrophic thinking become such a prevalent way of imaging the future of the world? What are the concrete forces driving this catastrophism and its doomsday scenarios? How is the end of the world as we know it, whether real or imagined, already reshaping global relations of power, profit, and well-being? How are people actually responding to these perceived catastrophes in different places? This course shows how the discipline of Geography, with its integrative modes of analysis across multiple areas of study, can help answer these questions and aid our understanding of some of the world’s most pressing problems (and their interconnections)—from climate change to pandemic diseases, from mass poverty to natural disasters, and from resource scarcity to territorial conflicts.


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