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PCON 225

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Theories of Peace and Conflict

Course Date

Fall 2018

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Daniel Monk, Peace and Conflict Studies, Geography

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Peace and Conflict Studies


This course examines the relation between war and its theorization in an unusual way: by focusing on the history of ‘Realism.’ (In brief, we’re talking about the vision of history that considers war as the baseline condition of humanity, and ‘anarchy,’ as a given in the relation between nation states). As the most influential paradigm of political thought in recent history, Realism’s development cannot be separated form the history of chronic struggles it sought to explain. In this course, we assess Realism in a variety of ways; first, and most importantly, in terms of its own efforts to argue for its validity; second, in light of the kind of conflicts Realists of every stripe had in mind during various stages of this paradigm’s development; and third, in terms of the vision of history that the various forms of Realisms have advanced.


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