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GEOG 309

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Latin America: Critical Landscapes of Development

Course Date

Fall 2018

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Maureen Hays-Mitchell, Geography

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Latin America is a culturally and ecologically diverse region with longstanding connections to regions and societies throughout the world. Since the 16th Century, it has been an integral component of the global economic and political system. Meanwhile, its development experience has been deep and conflicted and,to a large extent, premised on the exploitation of environmental and human resources. Latin America has produced some of the world’s most important development theoreticians whose work continues to challenge prevailing presuppositions and paradigms. Yet, Latin America is one of the most socio-economically unequal regions of the world. A critical analysis of the region’s experience with development may lead to a more nuanced understanding of the relationship of “development” to “underdevelopment”, shortcomings in development praxis, and implications for achieving sustainable development within this region as well as in other world regions and at other spatial scales.


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