Course Number

FSEM 187

Course Title

The Geographies of Human Rights

Course Date

Fall 2018

Course Level


Professor or Professors' Departmental/Program Affiliation

Maureen Hays-Mitchell, Geography

Document Type



First-Year Seminar


Introduction Interest in the protection of human rights has expanded steadily since the end of World War II. Yet despite the laws, institutions, and movements organized around their protection, widespread and systematic violations of human rights continue. In this seminar, we will study the local, national and global dimensions of human rights through specific cases. Through these case studies, we also will examine the social and legal responses to human rights abuses as well as address contemporary debates regarding such pressing issues as violence and power, memory and history, trauma and testimony, and the dilemmas of recovering in societies that have experienced mass atrocity. We will also identify new challenges to traditional conceptualizations of human rights posed by issues such as climate change, disasters, displacement, disease, and poverty. This is a vast topic and your research projects will provide specific case studies for our group.


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