Course Number

CORE 177

Course Title

Core Communities and Identities - Peru

Course Date

Fall 2018

Course Level


Professor or Professors' Departmental/Program Affiliation

Maureen Hays-Mitchell, Geography

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Core Curriculum


Introduction As a Communities and Identities course on Peru in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, this course is an interdisciplinary inquiry into the beliefs, values, institutions, practices and conditions of the diverse peoples who constitute the Latin American country of Peru. We will consider the ways in which identities and communities have been (and continue to be) formed, imposed,resisted, negotiated, dismantle d and reconstituted. To this end, we will explore how communities and identities were constituted in the pre-conquest era and what non-Western modes of identity construction can teach us about human diversity and variability. We will examine how the colonial past influenced and endures in present-day Peruvian communities and identities. And, we will attempt to identify the specific ways in which Peruvian identity has been defined and how that has determined who is included and excluded from rights and citizenship. We will pay specific attention to disenfranchised and marginalized groups, such as indigenous peoples, urban poor and other non-mainstream communities.


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