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GEOG 205

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Climate and Society

Course Date

Spring 2018

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Peter Klepeis, Geography

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Human-induced climate change--global warming--is the defining issue of our time. That people are dramatically altering the climate is now the resounding consensus in the scientific community. Potential short-and long-term impacts include biodiversity loss, sea-level rise and coastal flooding, more intense storms, threats to human health, and disruptions of freshwater supplies and food security. But while the global community increasingly understands the basic processes driving climate change, and is starting to appreciate the consequences of a warmer world, the dynamics of global warming are complex and the issue remains controversial. Exposing climate-society relationships requires understanding both the climatic effects of human activity as well as the social effects of climate throughout history. An engaged global citizen not only must grapple with the science and scientific uncertainty of climate change, but also the social, political, ethical, and economic implications of society’s responses, whatever they may be.


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