Course Number

ANTH 374/FMST 374

Course Title

Anthropology of Media

Course Date

Spring 2015

Course Level


Professor or Professors' Departmental/Program Affiliation

Emilio Spadola, Sociology and Anthropology

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Film and Media Studies, Sociology and Anthropology


This course explores the force of communicative and technological media in contemporary cultures, and more specifically, the historical emergence and reproduction of mass-­‐mediated societies and subjects in Western and non-­‐Western contexts. Repeated themes and questions in texts and discussions include:

• How are human societies and selves mediated and produced by communication infrastructures and practices?

• How are modern electronic or mass mediated communications transforming human selves and societies?

• How do 21st century media transformations depart from or intensify 19th-­‐ 20th changes?


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