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ECON 375

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Applied Econometrics

Course Date

Fall 2015

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Robert W. Turner, Economics, Environmental Studies

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Econometrics is a set of techniques that allows the measurement and analysis of economic phenomena and the prediction of future economic trends. It is an important applied tool in almost all of the subfields of economics and is used to provide quantitative answers to research questions. However, the importance of econometrics extends far beyond the discipline of economics. These tools are also used in finance, marketing, and management along with other social science disciplines such as political science and sociology.

In this course the study of applied econometrics is organized into two main sections. In the first, we cover the basics of regression analysis, the most important econometric technique, including necessary background material in statistical theory. In the second section, you will be introduced to more advanced techniques used regularly by applied economists, including instrumental variables estimation, panel data techniques, limited dependent variable models, and time series econometrics. Applications from both macro and microeconomics will be used throughout. Labs will provide opportunities for learning by doing, based on data sets from a variety of fields of economics.


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Econometrics Commons