Course Number

ECON 228

Course Title

Environmental Economics

Course Date

Fall 2015

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Robert W. Turner, Economics, Environmental Studies

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Economics, Environmental Studies


Environmental problems and issues have become increasingly important in public and private debates, not only about environmental policy but about other decisions that have environmental consequences. These debates have strong scientific and ethical elements; in the last few decades the economic element has become indispensable as a complement to the others. Economics, being concerned with how scarce resources are allocated, provides a framework for understanding how public and private decisions are made and also for evaluating whether the decisions are efficient. Environmental economics, as a subfield of economics, pays particular attention to the role of natural resources in production and consumption and therefore to the interaction of economic and ecological systems.

This course provides an overview of environmental and natural resource economics focusing largely on pollution policies. By taking this course, students should learn more about economics by applying it to environmental issues and also learn more about environmental issues by applying economic reasoning to them.


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