Course Number

SOCI 453

Course Title

Senior Seminar in Sociology

Course Date

Fall 2013

Course Level


Professor or Professors' Departmental/Program Affiliation

Christopher Henke, Sociology & Anthropology

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Sociology and Anthropology


In this capstone seminar for the sociology major, students conduct original sociological research on the topics of their choice. They design research projects grounded in sociological theory, review relevant literature on the topics, and collect and analyze data to find their own results. Each student’s project results in a significant thesis paper, through which students learn the process of doing sociological research and writing a sociological article. Seminars focus on a variety of broad topical areas in sociology, depending on the instructor. Note: This seminar is normally offered only in the fall term — all sociology majors should plan to take this course in the fall term of their senior year. Prerequisites: SOCI 101 (formerly SOAN 101) with a grade of C or higher, SOCI 201 (formerly SOAN 204), SOCI 250 (formerly SOAN 210), and one half-credit methods course (SOCI 251–SOCI 270) or permission of instructor. (Formerly SOAN 453.)


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