Course Number

ANTH 211

Course Title

The Craft of Anthropological Inquiry

Course Date

Fall 2013

Course Level


Professor or Professors' Departmental/Program Affiliation

Emilio Spadola, Sociology & Anthropology

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Sociology and Anthropology


This course introduces students both to the dominant areas of inquiry in anthropology and to the qualitative methods that have been devised to explore them. The focus of the course is on investigation. How does one go about learning something about some specific areas of human social and cultural life? To do this, the course turns for guidance and inspiration to the founders of the discipline, applying and adapting their ideas for class use. At the same time, the course looks to contemporary commentators for help with understanding how these ideas have been challenged and updated. Areas of investigation are culture, kinship, religion, subsistence, power and prestige, history and material culture, and language. For each area, students design and carry out brief research projects in the Hamilton/Colgate community. Collectively, the individual projects contribute to an ongoing ethnography of the village and campus. Open to sophomores and juniors. (Formerly SOAN 211.)


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