Course Number

COSC 101

Course Title

Introduction to Computing I

Course Date

Fall 2019

Course Level


Professor or Professors' Departmental/Program Affiliation

Hiva Samadian, Computer Science

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Computer Science


Computers and software are everywhere. Inside your mobile phone, your car, and quite possibly your toaster, hundreds, thousands, or millions of lines of software are running. Programs enable and mediate instant communication, global financial networks, a smoothly running engine, and a perfectly browned slice of sourdough. Writing software to instruct computers to do even simple tasks can be challenging, fun, and creative.

The goal of this course is to introduce students to computer science and problem-solving by writing programs. Through lecture, discussion, programming assignments, and other activities we will cover topics such as basic programming constructs (variables and types, control flow, conditionals, iteration), input and output, basic data structures, objects, and recursion. No prior experience in computer science or programming is required for this course.

Co-requisite: The required credit-bearing laboratory COSC 101L must be taken concurrently with COSC 101. Lab of this course is graded separately, and you are provided with a separate syllabus and schedule in the Moodle page of the lab.


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