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GEOL 190

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Evolution of Planet Earth

Course Date

Fall 2019

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William Peck, Geology

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This course explores our planet’s 4.56 billion year history and how geologists unearth the past through examination of minerals, fossils, and rocks. Earth’s evolution is a natural experiment that cannot be reproduced, and this course will make use of primary observational and interpretative tools that geologists use to understand the past. Age dating techniques, plate tectonics and origin of continental crust, mountain building events, and evolution of Earth’s landscape, atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere will be examined in the context of the geological evolution of North America. Laboratory sessions focus on providing a familiarization with common rocks, minerals, and fossils, and geology field techniques, with an emphasis on how these materials and skills are used to understand Earth and its history. The required GEOL 190L must be taken and passed concurrently with GEOL 190, and the same grade will be given for both the course and the lab. This course is especially recommended for people interested in concentrating in Geology or Environmental Geology.


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