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FSEM 177

Course Title

Geology Outdoors

Course Date

Fall 2019

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William Peck, Geology

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Geology is the study of how the Earth works and what processes have shaped it through time. The Earth has undergone dramatic changes, as huge mountain ranges, vast seas, and continental glaciers all once existed near Hamilton, NY. This course uses Colgate’s backyard as a natural laboratory to investigate how the Earth has evolved over geologic time. The course emphasizes how careful observations and logical reasoning can be applied to understand how the world around us works. The course is centered on weekly field projects to local areas to study a variety of geologic processes. Field trips are followed by classroom discussions, additional data collection, and analysis. Another critical component of science (and other disciplines) is the process of describing and sharing what you’ve figured out through writing and presentations. You will synthesize and interpret your observations in semi-weekly writing assignments and presentations.


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