Course Number

Core 152

Course Title

Challenges of Modernity

Course Date

Spring 2018

Course Level


Professor or Professors' Departmental/Program Affiliation

Bob McVaugh, Art and Art History

Document Type



Core Curriculum


Learning Goals for the Course:
•To learn that many ideas that may seem natural or self-evident can be usefully questioned and critiqued.
•To honor the complexity of issues and ideas and realize that comprehensive understanding necessitates moving beyond particular or individual “disciplinary” perspectives, which themselves tend yield incisivebut partial understandings.
•To realize that the rigorous analysis of ideas requires that we explore the ways that such ideas or issues cut across modes of thought and across time.
•To acquaint ourselves with the value of close reading, focused thought, and clear writing.
•To demonstrate the continued relevance of historical thought to contemporary circumstance.
•To gain experience in writing precisely across a variety of analytic forms


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