Course Number

PSYC 361

Course Title

Psychotherapy and Behavior Change

Course Date

Fall 2017

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Rebecca Shiner, Psychological and Brain Science

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This course serves as an introduction to psychological treatment in adults and children. We will review five major types of treatment: psychodynamic, experiential, behavioral, cognitive, and family systems. For each model of treatment, we will examine the underlying theory of personality and psychopathology, and then we will cover the mechanisms and techniques of therapeutic change. We will also examine the research evidence for the effectiveness of the models. A particular emphasis will be placed on comparison and integration of the various models of psychotherapy. At the beginning and the end of the course, we will also discuss some of the biggest issues and controversies in the field of psychotherapy: How is research on psychotherapy conducted, and how can it be improved? Should therapists only use empirically validated treatments? To what extent can people make lasting changes? Does our society place too much or too little faith in therapy as a source of change? Material will be presented through both lecture and discussion, and students will have the opportunity to see therapists in action, through videos


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