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LGBT 220

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Explorations in LGBTQ Studies

Course Date

Fall 2018

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Kenneth G Valente, Mathematics, LGBTQ Studies

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LGBTQ Studies


LGBT 220 is designed to explore the lives, experiences, and representations of LGBTQ persons, those who identify or are identified as transgressive in terms of their sexuality and/or gender expression. Although particular emphasis may vary from semester to semester, topics typically consider LGBTQ communities and families, cultures, and subcultures; histories, institutions, and literatures; and/or economic and political lives. Selected topics also serve to expose complex cultural forces that continue to shape sexuality and regulate its various expressions. The course is intended to promote the examination of new theories and methodologies in relation to established disciplines as it underscores the generation of new knowledge within traditional fields of scholarship.

This semester, the course acknowledges Colgate’s bicentennial by broadly considering LGBTQ activism that has particular relevance to college campuses and communities. The course project described below aims to begin the development and dissemination of materials related to the history of LGBTQ activism on our campus.


This course establishes a commitment to a digital history project associated with Colgate's Bicentennial.


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