Associated Faculty

Daisaku Yamamoto


In this course each student became an ‘expert’ of an assigned country, and analyzed existing social scientific literature that pertains to the well-being and development of the country. These twenty seven short articles were written based on their full, extensive research papers.

Publication Date

Fall 2013



Document Type

Collected Work


Sudan / Hailey Biscow -- Ethiopia / Saurabh Bhatia -- Namibia / Eli Brick -- Mozambique / Kate Faxon -- Mali / Harrison Gottlieb -- Togo / Nathan Harries -- Morocco / Karl Hommeyer -- Gabon / Chase Johnson -- Bhutan / Jake Lightman -- Indonesia / Emma Loftus -- The Philippines / Piper Marsh -- Mongolia / Nicholas Mather -- Uzbekistan / Lindsay McCulloch -- Kazakhstan / Hury Michael -- Sri Lanka / Jessie Nuthmann -- Jamaica / Meagan Klebanoff -- Trinidad and Tobago / Sebastien Lafontant -- Paraguay / Sierra Larson -- Uruguay / Gabriel Lazar -- Lithuania / Christian Quattrociocchi -- Estonia / Christopher Rothe -- Croatia / Nicole Olnhausen -- Poland / Monica Wegerer -- Syria / Caroline White -- Jordan / Hannah Wilson -- Qatar / Ian Wood -- Egypt / Shannon Young

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