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Shaohua Guo


The CORE ASIA project brought together the students in five sections of CORE China, India, and Japan to compare and contrast the three societies through a research poster salon. The students learned that, although each society has a unique trajectory and story, different communities face similar challenges and opportunities. In many cases, they encounter the same global historical events. Each poster examines one nation's struggle with modernity through one of six subjects: gender/family/community, media/technology, environmental issues, diversity/ethnicity/inequity, education, or employment/labor/corporate culture/work.

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Spring 2013


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As China has developed and modernized, it has become an economic powerhouse. However, its development of infrastructure, pollution, and environmental policies has greatly affected Chinese rivers and their users. The environment of China has dramatically changed in modern times and is beginning to become a broad catastrophic issue that is encompassing many facets of Chinese life. In order to solve this issue, future Chinese policy must focus on environmental problems within Chinese waterways.



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