Colgate Syllabi Repository - Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Colgate Syllabi Repository (CSR) exist?

The CSR was requested by Colgate’s Student Government Association and is supported by the Dean of the Faculty’s office. It provides students more information for decision making regarding course selection.

What is in the CSR?

The CSR contains syllabi of some past and current courses offered at Colgate University. All contributions are voluntary.

Who is required to submit syllabi to the CSR?

There is no requirement to submit syllabi.

Are all syllabi in the CSR current?

No. The course date indicates the semester in which the course was taught and for which the syllabus is applicable. Even syllabi for current courses can change, so please verify content with the professor(s) listed in the document.

Who has access to syllabi in the CSR?

When faculty upload a syllabus, they can choose whether it is publicly available or restricted to Colgate logins.

How do faculty submit syllabi to the CSR?

Syllabi can be submitted by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Colgate Faculty Syllabi collection (
  • Click on the Submit Research link on the left side of the screen.
  • Log in using your Colgate credentials.
  • All other information needed to complete the upload form should be contained within the syllabus itself. Instructions for completing the fields are on the form.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days for the syllabus to be posted to the site.

An administrative assistant can upload syllabi for faculty, but the professor needs to provide written permission in the form of an email and indicate whether the syllabus is restricted to Colgate or public.

The full submission policy for Digital Commons @ Colgate is available at:

Can faculty remove syllabi they have submitted to the CSR?

No, but faculty can request to have content suppressed from view, although the metadata record will remain. Suppression requests should be submitted to the

Who owns the copyright for the syllabi?

In accordance with Colgate University’s Intellectual Property Policy, faculty own the copyright to their syllabi.

Are multiple syllabi available for the same course offered at different times?

All syllabi remain in the site, but faculty determine whether they want older content to remain visible.

Do faculty have to submit a syllabus multiple times for a cross-listed course?

No. The upload form includes instructions for representing cross-listed courses.

What about team-taught courses?

All professors associated with a syllabus are listed as authors in the upload form and are searchable in the repository.