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Volume 8 (Fall 2010)

It is my pleasure to present the eighth edition of The Colgate Academic Review by the Student Lecture Forum. With spring around the corner and another graduation looming in the distance, I am reminded of the freedoms I’ve enjoyed at Colgate. I once feared that I was not taking advantage of the opportunities Colgate offered—both intellectually and socially—and then I gained some foresight: I have the freedom to create my own opportunities and share my ideas with others. The Colgate community is the perfect place to do just that. Not only are the faculty members excited and willing to cultivate students’ passions, but also the students themselves are motivated and inspired by other students. Here, my peers and I can be confident in the freedom to express and explore our intellectual pursuits. SLF’s commitment to this freedom shines through the undergraduates in this edition. After a grueling academic conference in the fall, students were chosen based on their performance in four academic divisions: Social Science, Natural Science, Humanities, and—a new addition—the liberal arts CORE curriculum. Students presented their work to faculty and students. The best were chosen to appear in The Academic Review and, in Colgate fashion, shared with the community. This publication is not only a symbol of thirteen undergraduates’ intellectual passions, it is also a marker of SLF’s growth during its four-year existence and I hope you find the ideas as engaging as I have.

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Beth Clifford