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Volume 7 (Spring 2010)

This marks the seventh edition of The Colgate Academic Review, and we at the Student Lecture Forum could not be more pleased with how well the project this publication represents has grown and evolved over its nearly four years of existence. The ensuing 270 pages contain arguably the best of what Colgate’s student body has to offer in academic work from the Spring, 2010 semester. Papers were selected based on the results of an academic conference, held April 18, 2010 in the Ho Science Center. Students submitted abstracts of their work and presented their findings to panels of student and faculty judges in three of Colgate’s four major academic divisions: Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Humanities. The fourth category, the liberal arts CORE Curriculum, received no submissions this semester and so has, unfortunately, been omitted. Three submissions were selected as the best in their respective division, with one additional paper judged overall “best in conference.” This winner, Allison Patchen, was awarded the George E. Stevenson prize from the Colgate Speaking Union.

The fact that so many authors in the current edition hail from the Class of 2010 is somewhat bittersweet: those of us who remain at Colgate will miss their insights and acumen in the semesters to come. However, we celebrate the fact that the wider world is now the beneficiary of their talents, and we are confident that new lights will reveal themselves in short order. We eagerly anticipate cataloguing their future academic accomplishments.

We hope you enjoy engaging with the ideas inside this volume as much as we have.

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Andrew Pike