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Volume 6 (Fall 2009)

It is with great pleasure that we present this sixth edition of the Colgate Academic Review. The papers that follow are the product of hard work and devoted study by an exceptional group of students, arguably representing Colgate’s cream of the crop from Fall, 2009. This semester marked a dramatic change in the method used to select student work for publication. The Student Lecture Forum organized and held Colgate’s first-ever undergraduate academic conference. 18 students submitted abstracts of their work and gave a presentation to a board of faculty and student judges, who then in turn selected the 13 most exceptional submissions, including four winners for each of Colgate’s major academic divisions: Natural Sciences, Humanities, the CORE Curriculum, and the Social Sciences. One of these four was judged “best in conference,” and was awarded the George E. Stevenson prize from the Colgate Speaking Union.

Although the majority of articles published here are from members of the Senior Class, members of the Classes of 2011 and 2012 are also represented, showcasing the depth of Colgate’s academic excellence across all class years. Work from the Class of 2013 is sure to be a staple of subsequent editions. The future is bright; we at the Student Lecture Forum anxiously await the incredible achievements sure to be forthcoming in the semesters that follow. Thank you for joining us in celebrating these exceptional accomplishments.

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Andrew Pike
Assistant Editor
Avi Israel