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Volume 5 (Spring 2009)

This fifth edition of the Colgate Academic Review represents a pinnacle of student accomplishment at Colgate. The papers in this volume were written by students who care about their subjects and who expend their best efforts to produce thoughtful and valuable work. Most of the papers come from members of the senior class. These students have spent four years polishing their academic skills to produce papers noteworthy for their excellence as well as for their relevancy. These students have spent four years discovering and embracing their passions and challenging themselves to improve with each year. Their work speaks for itself. The excellent papers contributed by younger students demonstrate a keen desire to succeed in the pursuit of knowledge. This journal celebrates the intellectual qualities of students of all class years at Colgate, and we invite you to share in the passions of these ten outstanding students.

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Words Are Never an Excuse
David Spencer Seconi


Shannon Young