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The Colgate Academic Review (CAR) is a Student Lecture Forum publication that is intended to contribute to Colgate University's aspiration to be a place where intellectual discourse is customary and the traditional division between academic and social life is bridged.

Current Volume: Volume 9 Spring 2011

The Student Lecture Forum (SLF) was created in order to bring academics to the social sphere, one that exists outside of the classroom. It started as a small group of friends. They met, had conversations about a world that included, but was not limited to, Colgate University, and they created an atmosphere in which one could talk without restraint. This group of friends grew, and soon they were having dinners with professors in an attempt to expand the conversation. Five years later, the Student Lecture Forum holds two speaking competitions, scholars dinners, a weekly discussion series, and the Colgate Undergraduate Research Conference.

I have had the privilege of participating in the Student Lecture Forum since I first came to Colgate, now almost four years ago. SLF has not been a supplement to my education. Rather, it has been essential. Before coming to Colgate, school was an unavoidable obstacle on my path to finding a job. Now, it is a necessary part of me, one that will not be dispensed with as soon as I graduate. This is SLF’s doing.

While the Student Lecture Forum hosted the spring 2011 undergraduate conference, there are two people who deserve special recognition for their contributions to this edition of the Colgate Academic Review. Annie Laurie Hines ‘14 assembled the publication, and also edited the articles. John Adams, the Coordinator of the Colgate Speaking Union, proofread the text, did some minor editing and produced the publication as you see it now. Without this help, the spring 2011 edition of Colgate Academic Review would simply not exist, and SLF owes a great deal to Annie and John.

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Emily Merkle