About Digital Commons @ Colgate

Colgate University's scholarly repository, Digital Commons @ Colgate, is presented on bepress's Digital Commons platform. Bepress, formerly the Berkeley Electronic Press, is an academic software firm that was founded by academics, including librarians, in 1999. Its goal is to provide a cost-effective and efficient digital publishing platform to showcase and preserve scholarly content contributed by faculty, students, and staff at member institutions.

Digital Commons complies with accepted standards for secure digital storage and is a major trusted source for preserving and providing access to scholarship. Hosted data is stored off-site with Iron Mountain, one of North America's most trusted data storage facilities. There is no transfer of intellectual property ownership; bepress may not use the content in any manner not agreed to by the owner. A signed license agreement is in place guaranteeing the security of the content.

More detail about the Digital Commons platform is available at http://digitalcommons.bepress.com/about/.

The bepress website provides information about the hosting company and its software platforms.

More general information about institutional repositories can be found on the bepress IR research page.